Carpet Cleaning Downtown Dallas

Over time, all carpets become dirty and filled with unseen germs in the fibers we walk on. While there are various DIY carpet cleaning methods available, most will not provide long lasting results. Over time, dirt in your carpet can actually change the color of your carpet and can be compounded. If left, this can lead to unsightly traffic lanes and become permanent, not to mention the unsanitary conditions it creates. Professional cleaning of your carpet every 6 months is recommended, not only to preserve and rejuvenate the look of your carpet, but to also to extend the life of your carpet. TLC Carpet Cleaning Inc., uses environment friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products that is safe for your home and pets. Our cleaning process efficiently eliminates trapped pollutants, bacteria, prevents mold growth, and clears out dust mite infestations which can trigger allergies. The primary benefit of clean carpet is not only the appearance but it’s a benefit to your health.

Rug Cleaning Downtown Dallas

No two rugs are alike this is why we carefully inspect each one before we begin the cleaning process. High quality rug cleaning is a multi-step process and we create a customized cleaning formula for each one. Our experienced and professional technicians provide remarkable results. TLC Carpet Cleaning Inc., is aware that different kinds of rugs require diverse types of care and we will always choose to do it the right way. Once you choose to hire us, expect us to treat you and your property with the utmost respect. Our goal and guarantee is to provide our customers with the highest level of service and expert cleaning as possible.

Air Duct Cleaning Downtown Dallas

Over the years, pollen, dust and other common irritants gather in your Air Ducts which can be agitated as your heater or A/C kicks on. These irritants are then circulated through your home for you to inhale.
By cleaning your air ducts, you will improve the quality of the air inside your home and what you breathe. Dust, fungi, mites and bacteria can be removed from your vents by the air duct cleaning professionals at TLC Carpet Cleaning, Inc. Ducts are vital to the condition and efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment.
TLC Carpet Cleaning is a company that provides the best commercial and residential duct cleaning services in (insert location). If you are concerned about dust, allergens, or have a pet in your home, then it is worthwhile to call a professional for your air duct cleaning!

Carpet Repair Downtown Dallas

Carpet in your home is an investment so TLC Carpet Cleaning, Inc. is here to help you preserve it. As carpet ages and wears, necessary repairs are needed to extend the life of the carpet. Those small snags, tears, and unsightly seams can be repaired so you can avoid the costly price of replacement. With the many different types of carpet, you want to choose a company with experience. TLC Carpet Cleaning, Inc. is fully licensed and insured and has the experience to address any and all of your concerns.

Carpet Stretching Downtown Dallas

If you have noticed waves, ridges or bubbles in your carpet, then it is time to call TLC Carpet Cleaning, Inc. for our top rated stretching service. These waves, ridges or bubbles are signs that your carpet has loosened and needs to be stretched to prevent damage to the carpet and prevent injury from people walking on it. Your carpet is meant to be stretched tightly.
Carpet is held down on the edges with tack strips to keep it in place. Loose edges that are no longer held indicate the carpets need to be stretched and reconnected to the sub floor. Our experienced technician uses a power stretcher to re-stretch the carpet back to its original position. A carpet that is properly stretched allows for a more effective carpet cleaning. TLC Carpet Cleaning, Inc. is experienced in both small and large jobs and offers complete satisfaction. Our goal is to restore your carpet as close to the original condition as possible.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Downtown Dallas

A thorough dryer vent cleaning is a necessity. To prevent fires in the vents and improve the dryer efficiencies, dryer vent cleaning should be completed at least once a year. The vents allow dryers to exhaust hot, moist air to the outside, which in turn, prevents heat buildup inside your home and allows the dryer to work at peak efficiency. Clogged dryer vents reduce airflow and force the dryer to work harder. Dirty dryer vents are a major source of energy waste and can become a serious fire hazard.
While you may religiously clear out the lint trap in the dryer itself, you may not realize that the actual dryer vent that connects to the outdoors needs to be cleaned by a professional. TLC Carpet Cleaning, Inc., offers extensive dryer vent cleaning to help avoid fire hazards, decrease drying times, increase energy savings and more.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Downtown Dallas

Over time, dirt, grime and contaminants build up in the porous grout lines making them look discolored and dull. Damp areas in the tile can also develop mildew. Since grout is porous, it has a tendency to absorb stains and regular daily cleaning sometimes will not remove them.
Professional tile cleaning extends the life of tile floors and grout lines, and will remove the deep unsanitary germs that are trapped inside the grout. Damp rooms such as bathrooms, are prone to mold and mildew, therefore it is imperative to have them professionally cleaned. TLC Carpet Cleaning Inc., uses powerful solutions and highly effective equipment to remove years of build-up and revitalize your tile and grout.
TLC Carpet Cleaning Inc., has the specific skills and training that it takes to provide a deep clean on your tile and grout while also being gentle and non-abrasive on your floors. Our customers can rest assured the floors are cleaned and sanitized.
TLC Carpet Cleaning Inc., assures every customer that we will take the time to perform our job meticulously and precise. Investing in professional cleaning services, will ensure the tile and grout remains its best throughout the life of your home.
TLC Carpet Cleaning, Inc., knows that you have many choices to choose from, so we would be honored to have the opportunity to serve you, your family, or business to show you why we are the right choice.

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